What Wake Park would not be the paradise it is without the support of our sponsors!


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Since 1979 Bush’s Watersports Park has been the epicentre of water-skiing in Muskoka! What Wake Park is fortunate to be a part of the watersports park which offers waterski, wakeboard, wake surf, and barefoot lessons for all ages and abilities. The family owned business has generated some of the best water-skiers and wakeboarders in the country!








Sandbox is a rider owned Canadian company located out of Whistler, BC, and making some of the best darn buckets in the world.








Halfwits. A Toronto family based brand. They make fresh threads to keep you looking your best. Support your locals!







Humanoid Wakeboards! Always a fan of the little guy. What is proud to  rep this small rider owned, rider driven company. While many companies have   adopted the cost savings with producing boards overseas Humanoid remains to produce their boards in Orlando, Florida.







Follow is a leader in the lifejacket, rope and wetsuit industry. A small family based Australian company that is focused on design and comfort. Follow makes the best product on the market and we could not be more stoked to have their support.