Provincial Championships coming to Bush's Watersports Park and What Wake Park!
On July 23 & 24th Provincials is coming to Bala with Boat on Saturday and Cable on Sunday! For more info check out roots

What Wake Park -Summer is just around the corner!
What Wake Park is closed for now but the crew will be hard at work soon to get the 2016 season underway! Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

What Wake Park owner on Amazing Race Canada 2014
What wake park owner Mickey Henry, and friend Peter Schmalz were on the Amazing Race Canada 2014! You can follow them on Twitter at @MickeyAndPete and on Facebook at Mickey and Pete.

Pictures From the Park

  • The fellas at @halfwits are givin away some goods- who doesn't like free stuff!! give them a follow and tag a buddy in their photo- you have nothin to lose!!
  • @waketheline is back this August!
 In our opinion it is the best competition in the wake community- besides the @therootswake of course- and they've added a new format for voting your fav rider to compete.
The top 16 of the chosen 26 wakeboarders will be voted in - among them canadians @raphderome @kevinhenshaw @oliderome - so check out for more info and details on how to vote!!! #Repost @alliancewake with @repostapp.
@waketheline is back and better then ever for 2016 in Cologne, Germany. This is a one of a kind event you don't want to miss with 10,000+ people lining the three Olympic pools.
  • Blood, sweat, but no tears. @bushswatersportspark 's 13 yr old @liam_brearley is gettin way loose- watch out world!  @whatwakepark @billabong @valdostawakecompound #Repost @kchiappa with @repostapp.
The old myth of
  • This killer, kills it. Even though she's wearing a table tennis tshirt her style is beyond bananas... #Repost @kchiappa with @repostapp.
Kickin it at @valdostawakecompound and loving this rail 👆🏼👯#somanyanimals #canadianstakeover #shouldawornmoresunscreen #dulifestyle @totw_girlsontop @totw #hurstmarina @obrienwatersports 📷 @whatwakepark
  • Go vote for this amigo at @alliancewake so he can ride in the jamboree!!!! #Repost @daryznebel with @repostapp.
If you haven't voted, please do.  If you already have, please Go vote for me one more time.  Link in bio.  Voting ends this evening.  #shredtownjamboree 
  • It's the off season so gold medal Olympian @natspooner5 plays hockey to stay in wakeboard shape...and she's playing tonight with the ladies of team canada on  @tsn_official at 1030!! @whatwakepark @bushswatersportspark @sandboxland #tbt
  • Some people's kids...are way too rad.  @bushswatersportspark and @whatwakepark 's @liam_brearley bringing the good stuff from the snow to the wake...or grass @valdostawakecompound  #Repost @jmbrearley with @repostapp.
Well he remembers how... Good times ahead :). @liam_brearley
  • Oooh summers just around the corner...but not close enough, so some of us boys had to make an impromptu trip to @valdostawakecompound - we're trying not to suck...... thanks again to @vanscanada @jjshoejj @instucam for the lightest kicks in the game
  • Merry Xmas from the what family. If you're lookin for a last minute gift I'm sure our friends @sleekapparel have some what stuff or other goodies left. Just watch out for the boys (girls) that swarm when you wear those threads..
  • Sometimes I feel like I'm carrying @rickmercerreport's show...bah photo stolen from @travistedford...
  • Hustlin' real hard now- voting ends Friday at midnight and us boys are way behind..!!! Steal your mom's phone and send a vote!
#Repost @mickeymhenry with @repostapp.
More shameless plugs for votes for @wakecanada's wake vid contest!!.... Help us boys out in vid 8 as we hit up @jibtopia, @valdostawakecompound, @bushswatersportspark, @whatwakepark @ranchwakepark @brennangrange's and more...or at least vote for someone cool ya goonies!! Thanks a whole wack- link in bio!!
  • #Repost @mickeymhenry with @repostapp.
Today you gotta vote- both for some silly government thing but also- and probably more importantly- for @ripcurl_canada @alliancewake and @wakecanada s The Judgement Film Contest!!! Not gonna lie- probably goin to spam until next Monday for your daily vote cause these bananas (@drewaustin, @dznebel and myself) whipped a little flick together- and we're in last place...Voting's cool, you are too right?  Link is in my bio- it literally takes 3 secs. @whatwakepark @bushswatersportspark @halfwits @liquidforcewake
  • Our hero @alexguiry took this photo of our idol @markmcmorris- and @redbullcanada has released his new film
  • #tbt to when @surferdude360 dropped a method late front three (a first) - to win our hearts, the less than 5 comp, and a lovely oracle from @humanoidwake
  • #Repost @pic45 with @repostapp.
Brick and Brian just chillin as they do registration for the what wake park crew challenge. We look good! @jakefewer @whatwakepark #whatwakepark #anchorman #style #lookinggood
  • #tbt to this years @bushswatersportspark Crew Challenge- Cool Runnings!! The team that wanted it the most won...enough said.
Thanks again to @vanscanada @sleekapparel @ecky_floatables @ronixwakeboards @humanoidwake @liquidforcewake @cwbboardcompany @pistonheadca @redbullcanada @muskokabrewery @sandboxland @bushswatersportspark for supporting this event!!
  • This season has gone way too fast- not gonna lie, I'm getting sad it's comin to an end- but Sunday will be the park's last day open this year- but our friends @railyardwakepark @ranchwakepark @windmill_lake @boarderpasscanada will still be open- thanks to all who have supported our dreams again this summer! Love y'all. Oh and @bushswatersportspark has some killer deals goin on!
  • @michbeckk caught the biggest fish at @bushswatersportspark Crew Challenge taking home the vintage cooler from @muskokabrewery!!!!
On a serious note - tonight is the last Ladies Night of the season!!! Come on out Ladies from 6-8 for the last hooray!!!
  • #Repost @mickeymhenry with @repostapp.
Got to shake hands with this barrel of laughs - @rickmercerreport - this weekend at the @bushswatersportspark Crew Challenge!!! Photo stolen from the beauty @travistedford!
Got to thank @whatwakepark and all the support from @vanscanada, @sandboxland @pistonheadca, @redbullcanada @e_c_k_y_floatables @ronixwakeboards @cwbboardcompany @liquidforcewake @humanoidwake @lululemon @muskokabrewery @jjjjshoejjjj @instucam
  • Oh my goodness what a hoot of a time! The first annual Bush's Crew Challenge with the @rickmercerreport was a blast!!
Thanks to all the riders and all the support from @sleekapparel @vanscanada @e_c_k_y_floatables @pistonheadca @lululemon @redbullcanada @bushswatersportspark @sandboxland @ronixwakeboards @cwbboardcompany @liquidforcewake @muskokabrewery @humanoidwake -really can't thank all the sponsors for helping put on such a great event!!

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