Have you heard about WHAT WAKE PARK? “…wait, what?” “Oh good!”
mick over rick copy

Mickey shaking hands with Rick Mercer. Photo: Travis Tedford Photography

The name “What Wake Park” is relatively new to Muskoka (founded in 2013), however the company has deep roots and a rich history in the area, where water-sports have always captivated residents and visitors alike. Muskoka is home for many unforgettable memories and continue to be the birthplace of new ones. Whether it’s the first time up on a pair of water-skis or that first invert on your wakeboard (accidentally or intentional), it’s safe to say life doesn’t get much better than summer days spent in Muskoka.

The cable system provides a safe, exciting, and inexpensive way to get more people involved in the water-sports community. It also eliminates the need for a boat or PWC. We operate solely on electricity, creating zero carbon emissions, and deliver an experience second to none. The cable allows for the best learning environment for beginners with a high rope placement, consistent pull off the dock and a handsome operator beside the rider walking them through the steps. It also allows for more experienced riders to practice on obstacles and air tricks. Falling at the park is no big deal. A press of a button and the rider has the handle and is ready to go in no time. Riding at the cable is one of quickest ways to get comfortable on the water and transfer that comfort to boat riding.

What Wake Park is located at the famous Bush’s Sport’s Center just north of Bala and is setting the standard for water-sports experience in Muskoka. A cable park and a boat lake with lessons all in one convenient location hopefully gets you excited! Offering a unique experience to all ages and skill levels, we hope you will give us the opportunity to share our passion and experience for the sport.


But don’t take our word for it, ask Rick Mercer of the Rick Mercer Report how much fun he had and check out the video below!